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The Bermbrigade Wassenaar wish you a green, clean New Year

Wassenaar - These are our wishes for 2022: a beautiful, green, clean and tidy living space. The members of the Wassenaar Bermbrigade (Border Brigade) wish all people in Wassenaar a clean town. In the year 2021, the Bermbrigade picked up a lot of litter and cigarette ends from the streets. With its activities the volunteer group hopes to make the town even more pretty. They will continue to collect stray rubbish from the streets next year. Every Saturday morning they will be collecting somewhere in town. Unfortunately, this is still necessary. The Bermbrigade wants to promote the campaign of Nederland Schoon. Their slogan is “Vang5” (Take5). With this Nederland Schoon wants to invite people to pick up 5 pieces of rubbish when they are out, or spend 5 minutes of their time picking up stray litter. Do it together, for each other! Even better would be that everyone takes their own bits of rubbish and carries them to the dedicated bins around town. Just 5 minutes a day will make a big difference!
The members of the Bermbrigade wish you all a beautiful New Year. Maria Bellekom - Vogel
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